On 6 Aug 2017, at 17:42, Hussein Shafie wrote:
On 08/06/2017 03:14 PM, Leif Halvard Silli wrote:
I expected XXE to support the xml:lang
<https://www.w3.org/TR/2008/REC-xml-20081126/#sec-lang-tag> in any
document - even in documents of which XXE have no clue.

However, when working on one of the informal <messages> document (for
localization, e.g. of the ditac files), I noticed that the spell checker treated the text as if English. Thus, for unknown documents, the spell
checker works, but it ignores the xml:lang attribute.

Can this be fixed?

We'll *try* to fix this if this is not too much work.

Please note that decent support of ``informal documents'' is really not a priority for us.

Moreover an `informal document'' may be turned very easily into a first-class document for XXE by writing a simple configuration file for it.

See XMLmind XML Editor - Configuration and Deployment, 2. Writing a configuration file for XXE, http://www.xmlmind.com/xmleditor/_distrib/doc/configure/config_file.html

See 6. Configuration elements, 27. spellCheckOptions, http://www.xmlmind.com/xmleditor/_distrib/doc/configure/spellCheckOptions.html

Thanks for the info!

Here is how I expect the spellcheker to work: For unknown files, XXE
only have two views: unstyled view and source view. For known files, the spell checker (I use the HunSpell checker) is operating both in unstyled
view as well in styled views. But in source view, it does not work.
Thus, for unknown documents, I expected the spell checker to function in
unstyled view - but not in source view.

The source view is not a ``real view'' like the tree view or the styled view are. It's just a convenient feature.

I used the word 'view' just for eh ... convenience ;-)

Now speaking about the tree view and the styled view, the language used by default for all the documents for which the document language cannot be determined may be specified using the "Check Spelling" dialog box:


This setting is specified once for all and is honored by both the on-the-fly spell checker and the on-demand spell checker.

A timely reminder! Many users might need, then, to switch between at least two ”language defaults” - such is, at least, my own need. The good thing, about that feature, is that even if it is a “once and for all” kind of feature, it is very quick to set another language as the default.

Leif Halvard Silli

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