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I’m working with a .ditamap that includes a reltable to generate
‘Related information’ links in WebHelp output.

All the files involved exist, and the capitalisation of the filenames is
correct; you can see that from the tabs in the screenshots, and the
topicrefs were in any case set up by using the dialogue to select files.

And yet … the links illustrated in reltable01.png correctly give topic
titles in the Output, while the links illustrated in reltable02.png
incorrectly give filepaths.

Any idea what’s going on?

May be. Cannot be sure.

The involved topic files may exist and the capitalization of their filenames may be correct, this does not mean that these topics are considered to be part of the deliverable.

Please remember that:

- topicref elements found inside a reltable do not “pull” the corresponding topics. In other words, a reltable cannot be used to add some content to a deliverable. With ditac, a reltable is just used to create links between topics which are already part of the deliverable.

Also note that in such case, menu item "Map|Check Map" reports some

"file:/.../XXX.dita#YYY", href points outside processed topics


PS: You forgot to send us the screenshots. Anyway, please do not send us screenshots. Please send us privately (mailto:huss...@xmlmind.com) a complete DITA sample document allowing to reproduce the issues here at XMLmind.

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