Emre O. wrote:

How can I convert my XML files to PDF without buying RenderX and
instead of that using Apache FOP?

There is nothing special to do for that. Apache FOP being installed by default, simply use "Convert Document|Convert to PDF".

Emre O. later wrote:
I think I finally managed to install Apache FOP,

Don't understand. Apache FOP is installed by default in XMLmind DocBook Editor.

but I still can not create PDF files. I attached 2 images, I hope you can help 
me to fix the problem.

Sure, but the screenshots are not sufficient. I need your document to be able to reproduce the problem here. This kind of issue is always specific to the input document and not to FOP or to XMLmind.

Please send me a ".zip" containing all the files comprising your DocBook v5+ document.

Note that the error message suggests that the input document is not DocBook v5+.

Also please note that the DocBook stylesheets (not our work; https://github.com/docbook/xslt10-stylesheets/releases) cannot convert DocBook v5.1 *topics* yet. DocBook v5.1 assemblies referencing topics are OK. Standalone DocBook v5.1 chapters and sections are OK. Not standalone topics.

When this is the case, this error message is printed on the console by the DocBook stylesheets:

ERROR: Document root element for FO output must be one of the following elements: appendix article bibliography book chapter colophon dedication glossary index part preface qandaset refentry reference sect1 section set setindex

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