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> It upgraded the following libraries (`/var/log/dpkg.log [pkg][old ver][new
> ver]`):

Are those the only packages that were upgraded?

> I appear to be booting to the wrong VT display. All of the symptoms above
> are true; however, if I perform a
> <kbd>CTRL</kbd>+<kbd>ALT</kbd>+<kbd>F1</kbd> (up to <kbd>F6</kbd>) at
> startup and then immediately perform a
> <kbd>CTRL</kbd>+<kbd>ALT</kbd>+<kbd>F7</kbd>, which switches the VT, I go to
> my normal desktop as if it had booted correctly.

That sounds like an Ubuntu startup issue then.

Does the problem also occur using the Xorg modesetting driver instead of
radeon? If not, please attach the corresponding Xorg log file.

> I think something is hosed with the 7.10 radeon driver in mesa 17.2.8,

The Xorg radeon driver is independent from Mesa. This issue doesn't look
directly related to Mesa.

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