Hi again,
I gave it a try again.
I still struggle to get it working. However, it could be due to my tiling
window manager (i3wm).
1. I did not find a way to get the second screen really in full screen. I
always end up with some gray boarders.
2. I can see a kind of frame but independently of what I choice from the
lower right selection box, it seems not to fit and the frame is not fitting
to the slides (created by LaTeX Beamer).
3. I have no idea what the pencil button is for, seems to have no effect
4. Loading a PDF, I still have an overlay of blue ruled paper background in
both windows.

Would be very glad if someone could tell me how it should work, if he can
reproduce the problems, or simply tell me that this problems might be on my



On 13 October 2016 at 15:19, Torsten Wagner <torsten.wag...@gmail.com>

> I am not a developer but I am highly interested in this.
> For the moment I use Xorg capabilities to show a part of the main
> screen on the secondary screen. This works surprisingly well but
> requires tweaking whenever the display resolution of the projector
> changes.
> In addition to have a second screen I would love to have the feature
> to "freeze" the second screen thus, it allows me to scroll through the
> pages without confusing the audience. Or to do annotations and update
> them in one go on the second screen.
> Other then this, there was a friendly fork which included a side-bar
> to show the slides in a scrolling list. I modified the code a bit to
> make those thumbnails a bit bigger, which allows me nicely move up and
> down the list to select a certain slide/page. Would really be happy to
> have this two features within xournal.
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