Hi Jonas,

> it seems that there are currently no device files provided for the STM32F100 
> family.

We haven’t been working with the F1 yet, so a lot of background things are 
missing, like a tested linker- and startup script.
You’d also have to check the peripheral implementations, since the F1 is quite 
old and probably has slightly different register layouts compared to the F3/F4.
Unless you have some experience with stuff like that, it will probably be 
pretty hard to add support for the F100 right now, sorry.

> It is advised to edit xpcc/tools/DeviceFileGenerator to modify existing or 
> add new devices. However, it is unclear to me how to do so.

I haven’t had the time yet to document the DFG.
However, understanding the DFG is not extremely important, as the device files 
can (and need to) be edited manually.
It’s just a rather complicated “short-circuit” for generating _all_ possible 
device files.

BUT: the DFG can already generate device files for all all STM32F*, but they 
are more than we can write support for or test with our small team ;-)

> Can you provide me with some help to add support for the STM32F100 family?

Here is a dump of all the newest device files that the DFG can generate:

You can simply unzip this folder and replace the 
`xpcc/src/architecture/platform/xml` folder with it.
The device file that fits the STM32F100RBT6B is probably the 

But without the proper linker- and startup script, there is no point in the 
device file, sorry to disappoint…

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