On Sat, 25 Oct 2003, Charles Goodwin wrote:
> On Sat, 2003-10-25 at 08:55, Ian Hickson wrote:
>> So I have noticed. Quite amusing for someone who hosts a lost called "xul
>> talk".
> Ian, you are semantically incorrect.
> XUL - Xml User-interface Language.  Mozilla has their version, we (XWT
> Foundation) are creating our own, and Gerald Bauer has created his own
> for use with Luxor.

"XUL" is not a generic term. It's the name of a particular UI description
language developed by Mozilla. I have repeatedly asked Gerald to cease
using this name in such a confusing manner, but he has (obviously) been
unwilling to comply.

> My point is that XUL is more a 'technique' - using XML to define a user
> interface - as opposed to a standard.

The technique, describing interfaces in declarative languages, has been in
use since the early 70s (e.g. the "Z" language). It isn't new, and it
certainly isn't limited to XML.

> The next few years will be interesting.  Our own XUL should get some
> airtime due to our super new core that gets installed much the same way
> Flash does and hence should be able to acquire much more penetration
> than Mozilla XUL (which requires, obviously, Mozilla to be installed).
> Some of our other features; OpenGL HW acceleration, SVG support,
> TrueType fonts.  XWT is going places. :)

That's great, but it's not "XUL", and calling it XUL is just confusing.
XUL is widely acknowledged to refer specifically to the Mozilla language,
and every time I see Gerald using the term "XUL" in his generic way, there
are complaints and confusion reigns. He is actively doing is _disservice_
to the community of declarative UI languages by misusing one of the terms
in this way. Imagine if someone was to go around saying that DocBook and
XLink and SVG were "HTML". It's the same thing. All three of those
language are indeed "HyperText Markup Language"s, but they're not HTML.

There are many XML-based declarative user interface description languages.
But they aren't XUL.

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