On 2019-02-17 Mario Blättermann wrote:
> It would be nice if xz would be integrated into a global translation
> platform.

Benno Schulenberg asked me about this in 2016. I didn't want to think
about it at that moment and then it was forgotten. :-/ Let's try again

> Once you are planning a new release, create a pre-release tarball two
> weeks before. Update the translation template (*.pot) and send it to
> the TP coordinator. He will merge this new template with the existing
> po files and send these to the teams (even to that teams which still
> haven't submitted a translation for xz).

The instructions to the package maintainers tell to send an URL to a
source package instead of just sending a POT file. I suppose the URL
method is the right way. Having the whole package available for testing
is important.

> Two weeks later, you pull the updated po files back from TP and make
> your release. That's all, and for more convenience, it can be simply
> scripted.

I worry that it's not that simple. My experience is that I need to look
through the translations because most have had some errors in aligning
columns in --help and --list outputs. In some cases it has taken
several tries until a translator has gotten it correctly done. 

There is debug/translation.bash to see the translations in action, and
there are instructions in README section 4. Multiple translators having
similar problems suggests that there's a problem in my code or
instructions, but I don't know how to improve.

I wonder should a few experienced translators look at this first so
that possible problems at my side can be fixed. It doesn't sound great
if I get 30 new translations and 25 need similar fixes and I need to
explain them to each translator separately.

From Benno Schulenberg I understood that most xz translators are already
part of TP (German and French were/are not). This needs to be sorted
out too, I guess. I suppose it would be convenient if all translations
were handled via TP (no external translations).

There hasn't been much going on in the XZ Utils project recently.
Translating the latest stable release 5.2.4 would be a good start. The
next bug fix release 5.2.5 will probably have no changes in the
translatable strings. Would it be good to first figure out how the
translations by non-TP people will be handled and then submit 5.2.4 to
be translated (or submit to a small subgroup to find out if something
needs to be fixed at xz side first)?

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