you are recognized as the last translator of XZ. The XZ project will
probably host its translation files at the GNU Translation Project in the
nearest future. Most of the current translators are already members there,
but if we move de.po and fr.po to the TP, then of course we have to ask the 
other translators how to continue. There are some options:

In case you are no longer willing to work on your translation, the appropriate
TP team will find someone who picks it up. For the German translation, I could 
do this.

If you want to continue on your translation, you should become a member of the
TP. This is quite simple, just contact the team [1][2], the coordinator will
give you further instructions.

As the last option, your translation could be handled externally, means outside
the TP workflow. You won't get informed about updated po files, upcoming
releases, string freezes and so on. This is inconvenient for you and for
the developers, because they have to maintain two channels for incoming

Anyway, it's your choice. Let us know about your decision soon.

[1] http://translationproject.org/team/de.html
[2] http://translationproject.org/team/fr.html

Best Regards,
Mario Blättermann

(Coordinator of the German TP team) 

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