> These patches add lzma_str_to_filters and lzma_filters_to_str to
> liblzma and add a new "-s, --filters" option to xz.

The existing way to add filter chain is confusing so this change will be good. 
I do not think the -s short op is good. --filters as the long op is good no 
need for -s.

> The "=" delimits a filter name from a comma separated list of option
> value pairs. The "=" is optional and only needed if you want to
> override default options. For lzma1 and 2, a short hand for a preset
> can be used: lzma2={preset number}.
> The ":" delimits option name from option value.
> The "," delimits option value pairs from each other.
> The "+" delimits filters from each other.

The "+" is not the best character. What about using ";" or "|"?

> Right now, lzma_filters_to_str will only specify option names and
> values if they are different from the default. This can be changed to
> always display option names and values for all options if this is
> better.

It should show all option names and values. It matches the current output with 
-vv option.

> If anyone has any suggestions for improvements on the
> string format, I am interested to hear them. I consider this patch a
> draft and subject to change from community suggestions. Let me know
> how this can be improved!

I did not test your codes, but if they work then I think the format only needs 
minor adjustments I suggest. Your efforts are good but based on the slow 
release schedule it will unfortunatly be years until the community actually 
gets this quality of life feature.


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