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> The existing way to add filter chain is confusing so this change will be 
> good. I do not think the -s short op is good. --filters as the long op is 
> good no need for -s.

I was thinking the -s would be intuitive because it is short for
"string to filters", but if it is confusing or unneeded I can remove

> The "+" is not the best character. What about using ";" or "|"?

I chose "+" since it was the most intuitive delimiter that wasn't a
special character on most shells. If we used ";" or "|" they would
either have to be escaped or require the command to be in quotation
marks, which are both annoying to use as a command line argument. If
you can think of a better character I would be interested to hear, but
I don't think those are better.

> It should show all option names and values. It matches the current output 
> with -vv option.

That is a good point. The extra verbosity is probably worth it so
users understand what filter options they are really using.

> > If anyone has any suggestions for improvements on the
> > string format, I am interested to hear them. I consider this patch a
> > draft and subject to change from community suggestions. Let me know
> > how this can be improved!
> I did not test your codes, but if they work then I think the format only 
> needs minor adjustments I suggest. Your efforts are good but based on the 
> slow release schedule it will unfortunatly be years until the community 
> actually gets this quality of life feature.

I appreciate the feedback. This will certainly lead to improvements of
the format. The next alpha release should be coming this year so I
don't think it will be as long as you think until it is in a stable
release. The contributors to this project are hobbyists so we can't
dedicate 40+ hours a week for fast releases of high quality. Thank you
for your understanding and if you want to help work on anything you
can always submit a patch :)

Jia Tan

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