On 2022-05-19 Dennis Ens wrote:
> Is XZ for Java still maintained?

Yes, by some definition at least, like if someone reports a bug it will
get fixed. Development of new features definitely isn't very active. :-(

> I asked a question here a week ago and have not heard back.

I saw. I have lots of unanswered emails at the moment and obviously
that isn't a good thing. After the latest XZ for Java release I've
tried focus on XZ Utils (and ignored XZ for Java), although obviously
that hasn't worked so well either even if some progress has happened
with XZ Utils.

> When I view the git log I can see it has not updated in over a year.
> I am looking for things like multithreaded encoding / decoding and a
> few updates that Brett Okken had submited (but are still waiting for
> merge). Should I add these things to only my local version, or is
> there a plan for these things in the future?

Brett Okken's patches I haven't reviewed so I cannot give definite
answers about if you should include them in your local version, sorry.

The match finder optimizations are more advanced as they are somewhat
arch-specific so it could be good to have broader testing how much they
help on different systems (not just x86-64 but 32-bit x86, ARM64, ...)
and if they behave well on Android too. The benefits have to be clear
enough (and cause no problems) to make the extra code worth it.

The Delta coder patch is small and relative improvement is big, so that
likely should get included. The Delta filter is used rarely though and
even a slow version isn't *that* slow in the big picture (there will
also be LZMA2 and CRC32/CRC64).

Threading would be nice in the Java version. Threaded decompression only
recently got committed to XZ Utils repository.

Jia Tan has helped me off-list with XZ Utils and he might have a bigger
role in the future at least with XZ Utils. It's clear that my resources
are too limited (thus the many emails waiting for replies) so something
has to change in the long term.

Lasse Collin

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