On 2022-06-21 Dennis Ens wrote:
> Why not pass on maintainership for XZ for C so you can give XZ for
> Java more attention? Or pass on XZ for Java to someone else to focus
> on XZ for C? Trying to maintain both means that neither are
> maintained well.

Finding a co-maintainer or passing the projects completely to someone
else has been in my mind a long time but it's not a trivial thing to
do. For example, someone would need to have the skills, time, and enough
long-term interest specifically for this. There are many other projects
needing more maintainers too.

As I have hinted in earlier emails, Jia Tan may have a bigger role in
the project in the future. He has been helping a lot off-list and is
practically a co-maintainer already. :-) I know that not much has
happened in the git repository yet but things happen in small steps. In
any case some change in maintainership is already in progress at least
for XZ Utils.

Lasse Collin

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