On 2022-09-27 21:29:07 [+0800], Jia Tan wrote:
> > Are there any open issues? If not, what needs to be done before the
> > final release can happen?
> The 5.4.0 release that will contain the multi threaded decoder is
> planned for December. The list of open issues related to 5..4.0 in
> general that I am tracking are:
> - Final tweaks to multi threaded decoder (error handling may need
> improvements since the worker threads stay running in some cases when
> they should not).

Okay, so that is what you are tracking. I remember that there was a
stall in the decoding but I don't remember how it played out.

I do remember that I had something for memory allocation/ limit but I
don't remember if we settled on something or if discussion is needed.
Also how many decoding threads make sense, etc.

> - New ARM64 filter needs to be properly coordinated to other xz
> implementations and documented.
> - Converting tests to the new tuktest framework. Most of the tests
> have been written, but they still need to be reviewed.
> - liblzma and xz functionality to convert a string into a filter
> chain. A draft of this is on the mailing list already, but the syntax
> needs finalizing and the code was not polished.
> - A patch for .lz support needs review.
> - A patch for crc64 optimizations needs review.

This reminds me that I once posted a patch to use openssl for the

Some distro is using sha256 instead crc64 by default, I don't remember
which oneā€¦ Not that I care personally ;)

> - Misc. minor bug fixes.
> This is everything currently planned. Most things are done and just
> needs review and minor improvements. Don't worry, multi threaded
> decompression will be coming to xz in a stable release very soon!

Okay. That is good to hear. I would like to get it in Debian and have
dpkg support for the upcomming stable release. The earlier the better
since this affects quite a large part of the system. The toolchain
freeze is in January and I think that dpkg is part of it (or people will
probably get very nervous if such a change gets integrated later in the

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