Ok, I think it is good to have such tests anyway. We can keep them
separately from regression ones.
Let's call "check tests" or...

And they should not be mandatory for packaging. "Just to check". If somebody
commits something and it sufficiently changes result value - it can be

I usually do it, for my tests. I compile new YADE version and start there my
"standart" test with "-j 1" to have always the same results. If it is ok - I
use new YADE-version for work.

I think it is relatively easy to do. Anybody can give their 'common" test
with usual result value (for example strength of specimen) and we can
compare this value from version to version. And it is good way to check
constitutive laws, geometry-modules etc.

What do you think?


On Fri, Dec 3, 2010 at 8:26 PM, Bruno Chareyre

> On 03/12/10 17:13, Václav Šmilauer wrote:
> > Hi Anton, I am quite opposed to adding regression tests where the result
> > cannot be established analytically, because they don't indicate whether
> > a failure is actually a "progression" or "regression". We discussed that
> > with Bruno, who does not agree, few months back already. v
> >> As I understand TriaxialTest one of the most popular test in Yade.
> >> Can anybody add a regression test for that?
> I see pros and cons.
> There is much implication on how yade is developped.
> Currently, the situation when you work on someting, do other things for a
> few days, then
> update and find different behaviour when you resume coding is quite common.
> Vaclav is
> doing a lot to put warnings at compile- and run-time to help people fix
> their code and
> scripts.
> But still, there are many ways for commiters to break someone-else's work
> without notice.
> With last changes in cohesive laws, all my scripts testing
> cylinder-sphere-wall problems
> were broken, if I had been away for a few days it would have taken some
> time to figure out
> why, because it concerns some code still in development, that didn't work
> even before the
> commit (not blaming Chiara, just mentionning the usefulness of the
> corresponding reg. test).
> It explains a lot regarding why McGill FEM-DEM coupling, Feng-Chen's
> CFD-DEM, Luc's
> LBM-DEM are not in the trunk, and why so many users will never update.
> If more people were putting a basic regression test corresponding to what
> they are
> developping, it would put more responsability on commiters, and it would
> help to clearly
> indentify what commit modified a given behaviour.
> OTOH, it is clear that (1) a change is not always a bad thing, and that (2)
> global tests
> can sometimes give false alarms.
> For (1), I think it is not really a difficult problem. For instance : if I
> identify a
> mistake in, lets say, Newton Integration, I can expect that all "global"
> regression tests
> using Newton will send warnings. I can even update the target values in
> reg. tests before
> commiting. I can't imagine a situation where someone would improve
> something or fix a bug
> that was affecting everybody, without realizing that it is really affecting
> everybody.
> Anyway, if someone fixes a bug that would have been affecting triaxial test
> for so many
> years, it should be notified to all TT users.
> For (2), it will happen. It happened, in fact, the first time
> cohesive-chain test failed
> (testing compiler-sensitive numerical noise). The second warning was real
> though. Clearly,
> one should think twice before defining target values and warning threshold.
> Unit tests testing each small thing separately are very usefull. The only
> problem is they
> hardly identify 1% of the "oh god, why is it not like yesterday" problems
> that makes the
> daily life of yade users.
> My two cents.
> Bruno
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