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loiseaurare is still having a problem:
Hi Jerome and Jan,
Thanks for your explanation, after re-reading it the documentation seems now 
clearer to me, I guess my hesitation about the Negative and Positive Ids came 
from the fact that I did not have a visual support, maybe it could be 
worthwhile to add the image from [1] in the documentation, if so can be done....


I have another question related to the calculation of average stress :
is it possible to obtain the cross section used by uniaxial strainer for
the calculation ? I mean it's location.

>From what I read it seems like if one would like to adapt
uniaxialStrainer to implement a Brazilian test, the crossSection area
would have to be specified in order to get the correct tensileSigma
right ?  Otherwise, it seems to me like the convex hull would define the
cross section area a bit fantastically.

Or maybe it would'nt be right to use avgSigma at all, and it should be
calculated using the force recording ?

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