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Hello everybody,

I'm trying to add to my simulation the Law2_ScGeom_CapillaryPhys_Capillarity 
engine, but I am facing some problems with the tuning of some parameters.
>From the wiki page about the capillary force model [1], I read about the set 
>of 10 files to be generated in order to make the engine work. When analysing 
>the given matlab scripts to generate them, I wasn't able to fully understand 
>one of the adjustable parameters, that is to say the so-called "rRatioVec". 
>Does it represent the ratio between the curvature radii? Is its lenght (i.e. 
>10, corresponding to the number of generated files) adjustable? Should I tune 
>the ratio values following my own simulation conditions? (e.g. considering my 
>own value of contact angle?)
Moreover, I couldn't understand why in the given example of a YADE script 
implementing the capillary force [2], the capillary pressure is set to 10k 
through the following command:


Isn't the capillary pressure value discretized and changed through the 
Young-Laplace equation solution scripts? I can't understand the reason why it 
should be fixed, since during the liquid bridge strecthing its value should 
change, shouldn't it?

I hope I made myself clear, thank you very much with any possible help!


Giovanni Lorenzon


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