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Hi Jerome,

thank you so much for your answer, you perfectly explained everything.
Proceeding with order:

0.  Unfortunately, I'll be needing a contact angle value different from
zero, that's the reason why I went through the MATLAB scripts (which by
the way, aren't confusing at all!).

1.  Thanks for making that clear. So, given the fact that I'll be
dealing with particles with a narrow PSD, would you recommend to adjust
the rRatioVec entries? (Modifying the source code accordingly, of

2.  Sure, I'll modify that value for my purposes.

3.  Okay, now I got it straight. But then again, what is the purpose of
assigning "nValUc" [1] a value so high if I'll be using a single
capillary pressure throughout my entire YADE simulation eventually? Or
was it simply designed as to define a comprehensive lookup table (given
a single contact angle) to be used with several user-set capillary

4.  Are there some limits in the capillary pressure values to be
assigned to the engine? I mean, limits given by the MATLAB scripts that
may possibly be modified.

Thanks again for your kindness.

Giovanni Lorenzon


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