On 2016-09-09 15:54 (-0700), Wangda Tan <wheele...@gmail.com> wrote: 
> We propose to merge YARN-3368 (YARN next generation web UI) development
> branch into trunk for better development, would like to hear your thoughts
> before sending out vote mail.

A quick pass through the diff:

* why are there editor settings and other superfluous things there?  do these 
settings comply with the PMC's style guide?  why would they be here and not in 
the base of the source tree?

* versions of things be set in a higher order pom rather than children if 

* RAT exclusions for files where the license header can be added and files that 
don't actually exist

* documentation references deprecated variables

* documentation top and bottom are basically the same information

* why isn't configuration in HADOOP_CONF_DIR?  That seems like a major blocking 
issue, especially from a downstream packaging front.  users are never going to 
find that because we've trained them to look in H_C_D.

* I'm still not sure why this is being wrapped in a maven profile:
    * create-release is activating the profile, so why not enable it for 
    * precommit won't test it with that profile in place; it'd be useful to see 
a *real* run of yetus against this branch without the maven profile protecting 

* this doesn't appear to actually build in target/, which is very counter to 
maven. is there a valid reason for that?

* for an optional component, why is it first in the main pom.xml's module list? 
 shouldn't it be last to verify that the other stuff gets built first and 
therefore truly optional?

* isn't this bundling the test code together with the actual application code?  
why? also, is there any concern about the test code being used as a backdoor?

* filenames with spaces and mixed case are going to cause all sorts of 
unexpected problems

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