YARN Devs,

*Updates since Sep 22, 2016:*

We sent a merge YARN-3368 discussion email on Sep 22, 2016 and received
some valuable feedbacks, since then, we have updated:

*- The biggest change* is configuration model, the latest UI project
doesn't require to configure RM/Timeline-server's address in a separate
config (configs.env) any more, it will directly get timeline server address
from REST endpoint of RM, more details please refer to (YARN-5145)

And some minor fixes:
- Moved all temporary ember/npm build stuffs to target/ like all the other
- Removed unnecessary files in source tree and ASF license exclusions.

*Main content:*

We propose to merge YARN-3368 (YARN next generation web UI) development
branch into trunk for better development, would like to hear your thoughts
before sending out vote mail.

The new UI will co-exist with the old YARN UI, by default it is disabled.
Please refer to User documentation of the new YARN UI
more details.

In addition, There’re two working-in-progress features need the new UI to
be merged to trunk for further development.

  1) UI of YARN Timeline Server v2 (YARN-2928)
  2) UI of YARN ResourceManager Federation (YARN-2915).

*Status of YARN next generation web UI*

Completed features

   - Cluster Overview Page
   - Scheduler page
   - Applications / Application / Application-attempts pages
   - Nodes / Node page

Integration to YARN

   - Hosts new web UI in RM
   - Integrates to maven build / package


   - Added dependencies to LICENSE.txt/NOTICE.txt
   - Documentated how to use it. (In hadoop-yarn-project/hadoop-yarn/hadoop-

Major items will finish on trunk:

   - Security support

We have run the new UI in our internal cluster for more than 3 months, lots
of people have tried the new UI and gave lots of valuable feedbacks and
reported suggestions / issues to us. We fixed many of them so now we
believe it is more ready for wider folks to try.

Merge JIRA for Jenkins is: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/YARN-4734.
The latest Jenkins run

Please share your thoughts about this.


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