Sumana Sathish created YARN-6977:

             Summary: Node information is not provided for non am containers in 
RM logs
                 Key: YARN-6977
             Project: Hadoop YARN
          Issue Type: Bug
            Reporter: Sumana Sathish

There is no information on which node non am container is being assigned in the 
trunk for 3.0
Earlier we used to have logs for non am container in the similar way
Assigned container container_ of capacity <memory:4096, vCores:1> on host 
<host>, which has 1 containers, <memory:4096, vCores:1> used and <memory:8192, 
vCores:0> available after allocation

3.0 has information for am container alone in the following way
Done launching container Container: [ContainerId: container_, 
AllocationRequestId: 0, Version: 0, NodeId:nodeID, NodeHttpAddress: 
nodeAddress, Resource: <memory:11264, vCores:1>, Priority: 0, Token: Token { 
kind: ContainerToken, service: service}, ExecutionType: GUARANTEED, ] for AM 

Can we please have similar message for Non am container too ??

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