Craig Welch commented on YARN-2198:

-re pom.xml - maybe I'm just confused, I saw a reference to this in the pom and 
assumed it needed to be somewhere in the project, I see it builds fine, so I 
guess no worries there.

TestWinUtils - so what I had in mind was mocking the native bit and having some 
tests for the proper behavior of the java components under various conditions - 
i realize this won't test the native code, which is significant, but it will 
test the java code for expected native code behavior, and there's non-trivial 
java code, strikes me as possible/worthwhile

WindowsSecureContainerExecutor - understandable as a tactical approach but I'm 
concerned with leaving it that way - among other things, there is quite a lot 
more testing opportunity with non-secure code paths as they will be exercised 
much more frequently in testing (doubly so with reference to your comment 
above...), by having the non-secure and secure line up more the secure path 
will end up being higher quality as most of it's codepaths will see a good deal 
more use/exercise/testing, especially when new functionality is added.  Also, 
changes going forward should require less effort if the windows path is mostly 
shared between secure and unsecure execution

> Remove the need to run NodeManager as privileged account for Windows Secure 
> Container Executor
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>                 Key: YARN-2198
>                 URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/YARN-2198
>             Project: Hadoop YARN
>          Issue Type: Improvement
>            Reporter: Remus Rusanu
>            Assignee: Remus Rusanu
>              Labels: security, windows
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> YARN-1972 introduces a Secure Windows Container Executor. However this 
> executor requires the process launching the container to be LocalSystem or a 
> member of the a local Administrators group. Since the process in question is 
> the NodeManager, the requirement translates to the entire NM to run as a 
> privileged account, a very large surface area to review and protect.
> This proposal is to move the privileged operations into a dedicated NT 
> service. The NM can run as a low privilege account and communicate with the 
> privileged NT service when it needs to launch a container. This would reduce 
> the surface exposed to the high privileges. 
> There has to exist a secure, authenticated and authorized channel of 
> communication between the NM and the privileged NT service. Possible 
> alternatives are a new TCP endpoint, Java RPC etc. My proposal though would 
> be to use Windows LPC (Local Procedure Calls), which is a Windows platform 
> specific inter-process communication channel that satisfies all requirements 
> and is easy to deploy. The privileged NT service would register and listen on 
> an LPC port (NtCreatePort, NtListenPort). The NM would use JNI to interop 
> with libwinutils which would host the LPC client code. The client would 
> connect to the LPC port (NtConnectPort) and send a message requesting a 
> container launch (NtRequestWaitReplyPort). LPC provides authentication and 
> the privileged NT service can use authorization API (AuthZ) to validate the 
> caller.

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