We used to have multiple development projects for snapper, some for SUSE distros and some for Debian/Ubuntu. We now unified that; the new one is now

    filesystems:snapper/snapper in OBS

We still have

    YaST:Head/snapper       in OBS
    Devel:YaST:Head/snapper in IBS

but those are now (both!) just package links to filesystems:snapper/snapper in OBS.

We are using the external Jenkins ci.opensuse.org to automatically check the snapper GitHub repo master branch and auto-submit packages from there if the build went okay to OBS filesystems:snapper/snapper, which now (due to the package links) means that they also go to OBS YaST:Head/snapper and IBS Devel:YaST:Head/snapper.

We had considered to simply remove at least the external YaST:Head/snapper, but there is at least one dependent package (used by Travis), and there might be users using that repo to get the latest snapper. With those links, we won't break anything for them.

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