I know there is a lot of work to do before the SLE15/Leap15 release in
storage-ng. We still have to implement several Partitioner features and
to fine-tune the boot requirements in several scenarios.

But, apart from all that, the release of an SP0 also marks the last
point in time in which we implement big/disruptive changes in behavior.
That worries me a bit because we have said too many times something like
"let's do it like this as first approach and we will refine it later,
maybe based on feedback".

That "later" never came for several topics and after SP0 it may be too
late. So I would like to draw some attention on some of those topics. Of
course, not all of them are equally important or equally hard to change
post-SP0, but still...

About the storage proposal general algorithm

 - Reusing stuff. We have a card for that https://trello.com/c/Ib7QC298/

 - Resizing windows
  * The current proposal removes the very minimum space from a
    Windows disk that it needs to fulfill the "desired" space.
    The old one was way more aggressive, removing something like
    half of the unused space so we got a bigger openSUSE.
  * In addition, we need a better fix related to alignment. See

 - Different LVM strategies as documented old_and_new_proposal.md

 - Selecting which partition to delete next is as simple as selecting
   the last one in the disk(s), ignoring existing spaces and potentially
   relevant settings.

 - When weight is zero, remaining free space is not distributed
   See card https://trello.com/c/E7Y7vJLH/

About the UI of the Guided Setup

  - Which and how many disks should we offer. We did set a completely
    arbitrary limit of 3 at some point and it still there.

  - The user needs to choose one "root disk". It's not clear what it
    means from the UI (in the end, it means the disk from which the
    BIOS/firmware boots and, in some cases, the location for "/").

  - Some people has complained because it's less usable than the old
    system for the scenario in which they want to use a whole disk
    (the old one had a button for that).

  - Option about what to do with Windows systems
    * We display it (disabled) even if there is no Windows at all
    * NTFS partitions without a Windows installation fall in "others",
      just like a bios_boot. Is that the expected thing?

About the Partitioner

  - One of the reasons to simplify Guided Setup so much was that the
    partitioner could have wizards. E.g. you delete/resize all the
    unwanted partitions manually and then run the proposal from that
    point (within the partitioner) and you refine the result...
    But those wizards inside the partitioner has not been even
    discussed so far.

  - The old Partitioner did some "smart" things like automatically
    assigning "swap" as mount point to all the detected swaps. We
    never discussed whether to bring that back.

These are just some random things that we decided to revisit before the
release time. Will we do it for any of them?

Ancor González Sosa
YaST Team at SUSE Linux GmbH
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