Hi all,

Knut and me have submitted a proposal about an AutoYaST workshop for
the openSUSE Conference '18. We would like to start preparing the
workshop as soon as possible, although we do not know whether the
proposal is accepted or not yet. We have listed a set of related
topic[1] (we won't cover all of them).

Obviously, we will need Schubi to help us to prepare the workshop
(thanks!) and, if anybody else is interested, we would like to hear
their opinions.

# Abstract:

AutoYaST has been around for a couple of years now, but perhaps it is
not well known to part of the openSUSE community. This tool, which
allows to perform unattended installations of open(SUSE) systems, is
extensively used by SUSE (including customers and partners). Actually,
products like SUSE Manager or CaaSP (or Kubic, its Tumbleweed based
flavor) take advantage of AutoYaST.

During this workshop, attendees will take a tour through the most
prominent AutoYaST features, studying (and implementing) some typical
use cases. Moreover, they will learn what to do when things go wrong
and how to extend and tweak AutoYaST to make it fit their needs.

We will spend some time checking recent changes like chrony and
firewalld support or the latest improvements regarding to the new YaST
storage layer. And, of course, we will have a look at the future of

So if you are interested what AutoYaST can do for you, do not hesitate
to join us!

[1] https://gist.github.com/imobachgs/e834f47574b8b99c587d709b8355aebb

Imobach  González Sosa
YaST team at SUSE LINUX GmbH
Blog: https://imobachgs.github.io/
Twitter: @imobachgs

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