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ANC Statement, 8 August 2017



National Assembly Confidence Vote 



The African National Congress (ANC) congratulates the Parliament of the
Republic of South Africa for its robust engagement in the National Assembly
today that resulted in the resounding defeat of the motion of no confidence
in President Zuma and our Cabinet.


The ANC regards it as paramount that not just our elected representatives,
but all South Africans; are able to engage on the most critical issues
facing our country without fear of favour.


The biggest victor of today's event is our constitutional dispensation. It
once again reaffirms the ANC's position as the leader of society in that the
country's MP's are able to exercise this critical constitutional provision
aimed at safeguarding our democracy.


Whilst the ANC has consistently noted the numerous challenges facing our
democracy as presented by the political opposition - at the same time we
cannot lose sight of the record of success and achievement under the ANC
government as presented by ANC MP's in today's debate.


It is only through robust engagement and constant dialogue that we will be
able to address and overcome the challenges facing our country, such as we
have witnessed today.


The ANC has always retained the utmost faith in its deployed cadres in
government. They are men and women of principle who owe their position to an
overwhelming public mandate given to the ANC in successive elections since


We reject the craven opportunism and hypocrisy of members of the political
opposition who have consistently sought to portray our MP's as unprincipled
and cowardly.


Our MP's carry with them the aspirations of the electorate - and whether
this motion of no confidence had been put to the vote via secret or open
ballot, the ANC is confident our MP's will have acted in the best interests
of our country.


Our elected representatives will continue to work across all structures of
government to deliver on our electoral mandate of delivering a better life
for all.


As Africa's oldest liberation movement, the ANC is a resilient movement, and
South Africa is a resilient country. Despite the challenges we face as a
country, we remain steadfast in our commitment to entrench the gains of our
democracy. Most importantly, we remain resolute in our determination to
accelerate transformation for the betterment of the lives of all our people.


The ANC calls on all sectors of society, even those with whom our views
diverge, to work with us to realize this vision of radical socio-economic
transformation for all our people



Issued by the African National Congress

Zizi Kodwa, National Spokesperson, 082 330 4910

Khusela Sangoni, National Communications Manager, 072 854 5707

































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