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Office of the ANC Chief Whip, 9 August 2017



DA Plan to Remove a Democratically Elected Government Exposed



Hardly a day after the ANC correctly defeated the DA's ploy to remove a
democratically elected government in parliament through a motion of no
confidence, the DA today announced that it will table a motion for the
dissolution of parliament and call for early elections.


This confirms the correctness of the ANC in voting against yesterday's
motion. This move by the DA exposes what the ANC has always stated, that the
motion of no confidence in President Zuma is not about the President but an
attempt at regime change through parliament.


This planned motion by the DA shows that the DA does not respect our
democracy and the electorate of South Africa. They have no regard for the
will of the people as expressed through the outcomes of the 2014 general
elections where 62% of the electorate gave the ANC a mandate to govern this
country until the next general elections. We will defeat this planned motion
as we have defeated all other attempts by the opposition to overthrow our
popularly elected government.


As the ANC in Parliament, we are vindicated that we indeed voted in the best
interest of the country and the electorate who gave us a mandate to continue
improving their lives. We thank ANC members of parliament who in their huge
majority defended the democratic gains of the African National Congress and
voted against the motion to remove President Zuma and our government.


The outcomes of yesterday's vote indicate that there are more than 25 ANC
members of parliament who voted with the opposition. We are deeply
disappointed that some of our ANC members allowed themselves to be used by
the opposition to fracture and weaken the ANC and destabilise our country.
Our political nemesis and adversaries have shown that they will use any
means to achieve their narrow political ends and the fact that some of our
comrades collaborated with them and defied their party mandate is saddening.
We therefore condemn their actions. We will give ourselves time to make a
proper analysis of what needs to be done in this regard.


We've noted the reckless circulation of a list of ANC MPs who are purported
to possibly have voted with the opposition yesterday. This list which
includes comrade Thabo Manyoni who has long left parliament, and the ANC
Chief Whip comrade Jackson Mthembu, is bogus and ought to be dismissed like
all other lists which have emerged before this one. This list is a dangerous
ploy to incite mistrust and initiate a witch hunt.


We've also noted that there were ANC members of parliament who were absent
in yesterday's sitting without having tendered an apology. Those members
will be called to account on their absenteeism.


We restate that we are alive to the various concerns raised around issues of
state capture and that thorough investigations must be conducted in order to
unearth wrong doing and institute appropriate corrective measures where
wrongs have been identified. We believe that parliament can play a prominent
role in this regard because all entities mentioned in the public discourse
around state capture are accountable to parliament.


We again restate the position of our organisation that a judicial commission
of inquiry must be established as a matter of urgency to get to the bottom
of these allegations.



Issued by the Office of the ANC Chief Whip



Nonceba Mhlauli, Media Liaison Officer, 072 623 3462
































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