In order to get some bug fixes into the production autobuilders, I'm
scheduling at least two (maybe three), day long outages. One for Sunday,
Aug 26th and another for Sunday September 9th. There may also be a future
outage for September 16th.

Some of the upgrades planned:

August 26th:
1958: missing package at source and not in Yocto mirror
2818: Add Build Appliance Target to Autobuilder
2732: Better build failure email. (This will contain repo specific builds,
grep for ERROR. This will not contain exclude sanity if prior build failed).
2882: Include git hash in release tarball.
Split up LSB targets

- LSB targets: Impacts how waterfall will look. This is being done in order
to save a bit of time during builds and to make debugging easier. This will
impact buildhistory a bit and I will need to add 5 additional branches to
the buildhistory repo to account for LSB. I'm estimating about an hour or
so (around 10%) can be shaved off the build time by doing this. The
downside, of course, is that by adding additional targets, the waterfall
scroll will be greater. I'll try to alleviate this a bit by some css
changes but the take away here is the effect to buildhistory.

- Build failure email. Only build failures from branches on git:// will be sent. As well, I'll be only sending out
certain lines of the failure. This isn't optimal, but I'd rather small
changes on the build emails in order to get feedback.

- Build appliance. We won't be doing this in the main nightly build as
there are some manual buildsteps to this. I'm still hashing the impact this
will have out and there is a slight chance this might slip to the 9th.

During these outages, only autobuilder will be effected. No build failure
emails will be sent to the yocto-builds list during testing. The outage
should last from 11am PST to 10pm PST.


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