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Hm, a day that will live in infamy indeed

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Happy birthday, Yocto Project!

    what's a birthday without cake?



Berlios suggests bitbake was born on Dec 7, 2004. So in a few weeks we
will celebrate the 9'th birthday of the OpenEmbedded build system.

I found a presentation that seems to have a bit more history in it.

OpenEmbedded & BitBake - Denx.
December 2004: OpenEmbedded is split up into the BitBake build system and the
OpenEmbedded metadata. OpenZaurus. OpenEmbedded is the successor to  ..


2001: Sharp introducestheSL-5000 PDA running Linux

2002: Chris Larson finds out that the SharpROM sucks and starts hacking on a
build system for a customized Linux distribution called "OpenZaurus”

2002-2003: The OpenZaurus build system is getting stretched (beyond belief) by
adding support for many more packages and target devices

January 2003: Brainstorming towards a new distribution and device independent
build system

February 2003: Holger Schurig creates the OpenEmbedded repository and starts
hacking on the first version

May 2003: Chris Larson adds major functionality to the OpenEmbedded core and
starts converting packages from the OpenZaurus build system

December 2003: Michael Lauer releases OpenZaurus3.3.5, abandons the OpenZaurus
build system, and converts100s of packages to OpenEmbedded

December 2004: OpenEmbedded is split up into the BitBake build system and the
OpenEmbedded metadata

So the magic Dec 7 2004 date is the split of OpenEmbedded into bitbake and the
'metadata'.  the actual work was almost 20 months prior.

The sourceforge openembedded project was registerd 2003-01-21:


Also I found a repository that appears it may contain the original
OpenEmbedded..  first commit is:

Author: Chris Larson <clar...@kergoth.com>
Date:   Mon Jun 2 21:19:02 2003 +0000

      Initial repository create

      BKrev: 3edbbf46Zm7UJzG9iGisj7ELSsUuZQ

Never thought to look at the Bitbake repository.. first commit:

commit af645b03b585a9c92dc111188756b8f6badfec5f
Author: Chris Larson <clar...@kergoth.com>
Date:   Fri Feb 21 04:03:45 2003 +0000

     .oe file parser function

So I think that Jives with the Approx Feb 2003 timeframe.. and I'd say the code birthday then would be Feb 21 2003 -- so in 3 months we're looking at the 12th anniversary of Bitbake/OE.


I know we've all forgotten the exact date :), but this is the best I
could find.


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