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>It maybe is a naive question and I assume it's not possible because I
>didn't find anything related in the manual.
>Is it possible to launch a toaster instance on an already
>command-line-setup build?

If you are using the 2.1 release (krogoth), you can start a build from the
command line from your build directory as you would normally do without
Toaster. Toaster will monitor the build and store all the information
about it in a special project we've called "Command Line Builds".

This means you can configure the build system using config files, instead
of Toaster, and still use the build reporting capabilities of Toaster if
that's what you are after. You just need to make sure Toaster is running
before you issue the bitbake command.

I hope this makes sense.



>Like inheriting the toaster bbclass and maybe some magic trick?
>Or am I stuck in reconfiguring everything manually through the web
>Now that I have some working builds, I just wanted to know is there is a
>quick way to get some overview over it on our local network, and to
>quickly build my application again when I have an update.
>Otherwise I'll just hack some cheap script to launch a remote rebuild of
>my package when I need it.
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