Thanks Jussi, it solved my issue (more explanation below).

> From: "Jussi Kukkonen" <>

> I suspect this is related to meta-oe taking over some X
> initialization when you add it to bblayers -- this maybe exposes a
> bug in the deb packaging implementation. In any case I can say that
> a deb-based core-image-sato builds fine without meta-oe.

You were right...
With the bitbake-layers utility, I checked the "appends" but not
the "overlayed" (BTW, -overlaid- would be better!?). And meta-oe
provides a version 2.0 of xserver-nodm-init, which triggers some
problems with debian.

> Note that you may have to wipe TMPDIR after bblayers changes if
> you're testing this.

I didn't have to. I simply set PREFERRED_VERSION_xserver-nodm-init
to "1.0" and I got my image!

But this raises another comment: I added the whole meta-oe layer
for a single recipe (ttf-dejavu). And I inherited unwanted side

So what is the best practice?
- to copy/paste the recipe into a dedicated layer?
- to modify the conf/layer.conf of meta-oe to include a single folder?

> I have a bug on improving the X initialization mess in oe-core vs
> meta-oe ( )
> but please file one on the debian packaging issue if it does not
> exist yet.

I just read your bug report… and this problem is quite old.
Before it gets corrected in 2.3, it could be helpful to put a note
in the different Yocto manuals, to draw attention of newcomers to
this rather frequent problem.

@Khem Raj: I realized my answer was maybe a bit harsh and I want
to apologize.  This was just an amused comment that every time I
try something described in the manuals, this fails miserably. And
every time, I have the feeling that my config is close to the
default one. But the goal of Yocto is highly ambitious and it
implies knowledge in many Linux fields!

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