> On 02 February 2018 at 12:24 Alexander Kanavin wrote:
> On 02/02/2018 02:16 PM, colin.helliw...@ln-systems.com wrote:
> > I have an app which has a config file, and I'd like my two images
> > (production and dev) to have different configs. Obviously it'd be neater to
> > keep the two config files within the recipe's directory structure.
> > I guess I can't do this in the app's recipe since it has no concept of what
> > image it might end up in. So I could have the the app's recipe deploy one of
> > the configs by default, and use a step in the 'other' image recipe to
> > overwrite it.
> > But is there a way to tell the image recipe where the app's workdir/srcdir
> > is? Something like ${WORKDIR}_MyRecipe
> > Or am I just going to have to hard-code the path in?
> Maybe the easiest is to have two separate recipes for the two versions 
> of config and have images pull in one or the other?
> Alex

Thanks Alex. I half-had that thought too, but was hoping to do it with the one 
'src checkout' of the whole app rather than extra two. Not that that really 
matters, and it seems it may be the neatest and most robust solution.
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