I'm working on Yocto Krogoth for iMX6.

I have successfully added Apache2 and able to access HTML page.

But I want to get and process user input from HTML. From what I understand
I need PHP for this.

But in my Yocto, I'm not able to add PHP. Below is what I tried:

Added these to local.conf:

 PACKAGECONFIG_append_pn-php = " apache2"

 IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " apache2 php php-cli php-modphp"
Tried modifying php.inc according to few answers on net.

There is some accidental bug in Krogoth PHP git code - in php.inc. Tried
using master git code changes from this. Not working. Please suggest any
other changes I need to do.

Tried removing IfDefine PHP5 from php.inc. This makes Apache2 to fail to
load. Seems like there's some dependency. Please suggest.
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