I want to create a minimal lighttpd package as small as possible. Therefore I created a bbappendfile with extra configure flags. As follows. But the changes seems to not have any effect at all. The size of my minimal rootfs.jffs2 increases from 3MB to 5.1MB.
EXTRA_OECONF += "--enable-ipv6"
EXTRA_OECONF += "--with-zlib"
EXTRA_OECONF += "--without-openssl"
How to build a minimal lighttpd package? I was also thinking about disabling unused modules, but how?
Maybe I did not really understand, how to enable the ./configure options. Is this the right way to configure with an option?
PACKAGECONFIG ??= "openssl pcre zlib \
PACKAGECONFIG[openssl] = "--with-openssl,--without-openssl,openssl"
EXTRA_OECONF += "--without-openssl"
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