> From: EXTERNAL van Riel Rob (ENTER, BT-CO/ENG1.1)
> Sent: maandag 5 maart 2018 16:12
> Subject: RE: [yocto] bitbake: git and patch problem
> > From: Bruce Ashfield [mailto:bruce.ashfi...@windriver.com]
> > Sent: maandag 5 maart 2018 15:09
> > Subject: Re: [yocto] bitbake: git and patch problem
> >
> > It is, but you can change what applies the patch.
> >
> > Have a look at classes/patch.bbclass, and in particular the variable
> >
> > If yours is set to 'git', git will be used. But by default, it is typically 
> > set to 'quilt' ..
> > so it has been changed from the default in your environment.
> Thank you, this may well be just the hint I was looking for. I'll dig in, and 
> see where
> the trail leads.

The trail led me to discover I'd omitted a piece of information that I didn't 
know was relevant: the code I'm trying to patch is in the kernel. It turns out 
the kernel uses a dedicated patching mechanism, mostly unrelated to what 
everything else uses. On the brighter side, I now know what to look into.


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