> From: EXTERNAL van Riel Rob (ENTER, BT-CO/ENG1.1)
> Sent: dinsdag 6 maart 2018 09:51
> Subject: RE: [yocto] bitbake: git and patch problem
> The trail led me to discover I'd omitted a piece of information that I didn't 
> know
> was relevant: the code I'm trying to patch is in the kernel. It turns out the 
> kernel
> uses a dedicated patching mechanism, mostly unrelated to what everything else
> uses. On the brighter side, I now know what to look into.

Rather than try to dig my way through the patch process, I've decided to 
venture into the (thus far unexplored) territory of kernel configuration 
options, and do a neater though more invasive change that way. This proved 
easier than I feared, and as a result, the (kernel) patch issue is no longer 
relevant to the job at hand.
Nevertheless, a big thank you to those who responded; the extra knowlegde 
gained will surely be useful at some point in the future.

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