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>Subject: Re: [yocto] Are Windows SDKs (mingw layer) supposed to work?
>Have you tried using 2.4 to identify when it broke?  Clearly we need to extend 
>the selftest so the mingw SDK is actually tested...
>>On 6 March 2018 at 05:32, Reyna, David <david.re...@windriver.com> wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>I am trying to enable a customer for using YP SDKs on Windows. It apparently 
>>is supposed to work, but I am unable to get past fatal errors.
>>I have looked for documentation at the YP site and the meta-mingw repo, but 
>>to no avail.
>>1) My project is a simple default “qemux86-64” with YP-2.5 HEAD, with the 
>>latest “meta-mingw” layer added and <SDKMACHINE ?= "i686-mingw32">.
>>The SDK builds fine and I get the “*.xz” generated file.
>>2) However, when I use 7ZIP to extract it on my Windows host (which is 
>>recommended for XY files), I get several fatal issues.
>>  (a) I get more than a hundred errors “Can not create symbolic link: Access 
>>is denied”. 
>>While I do not care about the ones for the bin tools in the sysroot, I do 
>>care that most of the cross toolchain EXE files are thusly broken, plus many 
>>of the libraries and header files in the sysroot.
>>Am I missing a step?

Symbolic link errors could be related to the filesystem as FAT has no support 
for symbolic links. Have you tried it on an NTFS partition?

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