Is your layer present in build/conf/bblayers.conf ?

On 06/03/18 14:07, Vincent Daanen wrote:


I want to build an image using systemd and system-networkd as network manager and set static ip address to eth0.

To do so, I use a bbappend file to systemd.

The problem is that the systemd_%.bbappend file does not appear when calling bitbake-layers show-appends. I’m quite sure it is not processed because when a voluntary add a typo, it does not break the bitbake process.

What did I do wrong ??

Below is my “files architecture”:


 |-- Sources (Rocko 2.4.1)

  |-- myDir

        |-- build

              |-- conf


        |-- meta-myLayer

              |-- conf

              |-- recipes-core

                    |-- images


                    |-- systemd


                          |-- system


The target is a generic x86_64 board (AAEON GENE BT 05 with J1900 processor).

Host system is ubuntu 16.04 LTS



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