Meta-intel comes with the BSP we chose for our board.  It's already in 

I tried to use do_install() {...} within the workspaces/recipes/.../.bb file 
created by devtool to move files.  However, I'm currently stuck with not 
knowing the exact variable/macro I could use for the source and the destination 
to prepare for the root filesystem.  Any tip/help?

From: Mohammad, Jamal M <>
Sent: Monday, April 9, 2018 9:04 PM
To: Raymond Yeung;
Subject: RE: MACHINE .conf file

Did you add meta-intel layer in conf/bblayers.conf file.. It will be present in 
that directory.

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Behalf Of Raymond Yeung
Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2018 1:42 AM
Subject: [yocto] MACHINE .conf file

Some questions about MACHINE:

1. I'd customized MACHINE (="intel-corei7-64") variable in conf/local.conf 
under my build directory, as per document, and had successfully generated an 
image for my H/W.  However, I don't seem to find "intel-corei7-64.conf" file in 
meta/conf/machine under poky source directory.  Is this normal?

2. How many machine files are there per target machine, and should it be in 
meta/conf/machine under source directory (similar to #1, but just a 
confirmation for me)?

3. To install an "external" .ko in the root filesystem, my understanding is I 
need to add its name to MACHINE_XXX_RRECOMMENDS (or one of the other 3) in 
machine .conf file.  If there's only 1 machine file, this is obvious.  If not, 
where should I put it?

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