Dear Yocto Developers,

I'm trying to get KVM added and working on a Yocto kernel I built up for a
T4240 RDB (has a PowerPC CPU).  KVM isn't working and the reason why it
isn't working seems to be I'm missing the necessary kernel modules.  More
specifically, I don't seem to have a kvm.ko file that I can load.  Here's
how I attempted to add KVM to the kernel.

I went to the SDK install folder and ran ". fsl-setup-env -m t4240rdb-64b"
and then "bitbake virtual/kernel -c menuconfig".  After the GUI comes up, I
went to Virtualization -> KVM support for PowerPC E500MC/E5500/E6500
processors and hit "Save" to save the configuration.  I then went and
copied the content of the .config file created by this into the kernel
configuration file specified by the following path;
"build_t4240rdb-64b/virt1.config".  This path was specified by the variable
KERNEL_DEFCONFIG in sources/meta_freescale/conf/machine/t4240rdb-64b.conf.
Here's what I currently have in the kernel configuration file (i.e. the
virt1.config file I mentioned above):

After this, I built the kernel by running "bitbake -c compile -f
virtual/kernel" and rebuilt the full linux image.  I re-added everything to
the SD card and booted up the T4240 RDB with the newly modified Yocto
kernel.  At this point if I run lsmod, only the following two kernel
modules show up:

Module                  Size  Used by
nfsd                  100940  11
exportfs                6723  1 nfsd

But if I do a "find . -name "kvm"" I get the following:


So it does look like kvm-related files were added to the Yocto kernel
because of the changes I made to the kernel configuration file.  But there
is no kvm.ko (or any .ko file related to kvm) anywhere in the file system.

Is there something I'm doing wrong here?  Am I missing important lines in
my kernel configuration file?  Let me know your thoughts.

-Thanks!, Wayne Li
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