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> Dear Yocto Developers,
> I'm trying to get KVM added and working on a Yocto kernel I built up for a 
> T4240 RDB (has a PowerPC CPU).  KVM isn't working and the reason why it isn't 
> working seems to be I'm missing the necessary kernel modules.  More 
> specifically, I don't seem to have a kvm.ko file that I can load.  Here's how 
> I attempted to add KVM to the kernel.
> I went to the SDK install folder and ran ". fsl-setup-env -m t4240rdb-64b" 
> and then "bitbake virtual/kernel -c menuconfig".  After the GUI comes up, I 
> went to Virtualization -> KVM support for PowerPC E500MC/E5500/E6500 
> processors and hit "Save" to save the configuration.  I then went and copied 
> the content of the .config file created by this into the kernel configuration 
> file specified by the following path; "build_t4240rdb-64b/virt1.config".  
> This path was specified by the variable KERNEL_DEFCONFIG in 
> sources/meta_freescale/conf/machine/t4240rdb-64b.conf.  Here's what I 
> currently have in the kernel configuration file (i.e. the virt1.config file I 
> mentioned above):
> https://gist.github.com/WayneZhenLi/4172cd4a819b71a11b85fc5aaa57ebd1
> After this, I built the kernel by running "bitbake -c compile -f 
> virtual/kernel" and rebuilt the full linux image.  I re-added everything to 
> the SD card and booted up the T4240 RDB with the newly modified Yocto kernel. 
>  At this point if I run lsmod, only the following two kernel modules show up:
> Module                  Size  Used by
> nfsd                  100940  11
> exportfs                6723  1 nfsd
> But if I do a "find . -name "kvm"" I get the following:
> ./usr/src/kernel/Documentation/virtual/kvm
> ./usr/src/kernel/arch/arm/kvm
> ./usr/src/kernel/arch/arm64/kvm
> ./usr/src/kernel/arch/mips/kvm
> ./usr/src/kernel/arch/powerpc/kvm
> ./usr/src/kernel/arch/s390/kvm
> ./usr/src/kernel/arch/tile/kvm
> ./usr/src/kernel/arch/x86/kvm
> ./usr/src/kernel/drivers/s390/kvm
> ./usr/src/kernel/include/config/kvm
> ./usr/src/kernel/include/config/have/kvm
> ./usr/src/kernel/include/kvm
> ./usr/src/kernel/virt/kvm
> ./dev/kvm
> ./sys/devices/virtual/misc/kvm
> ./sys/class/misc/kvm
> ./sys/kernel/debug/kvm
> ./sys/module/kvm
> So it does look like kvm-related files were added to the Yocto kernel because 
> of the changes I made to the kernel configuration file.  But there is no 
> kvm.ko (or any .ko file related to kvm) anywhere in the file system.

Is the image you are building installing the specific kernel modules
you need, or the generic meta package "kernel-modules" ? Without
something like that, you can build the support, but the modules won't
be present on the image.


> Is there something I'm doing wrong here?  Am I missing important lines in my 
> kernel configuration file?  Let me know your thoughts.
> -Thanks!, Wayne Li
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