On 06/11/2019 21:41, Adrian Bunk wrote:
1. Patch review

Merge requests work well when there is one maintainer who reviews
everything. For not regressing on the current level of review before
something hits master, merging a merge request into master-next
should then result in patch review emails sent to a list.
Or a setup where creation of a merge request automatically generates
review emails.

This is similar to all patches for stable branches now being sent for
review to the mailing list a few days before they get merged into the
stable branch, which has caught problematic patches due to more people
reviewing them.

I've had discussions about this in the past too. With merge requests it seems reasonable to automatically tag in relevant maintainers when the request is created to request review. For example if oe-core was on GitLab then a MR touching GCC would automatically assign to Khem.

I agree that drive-by review is an important part for a core layer such as oe-core where a single maintainer can't know all of the details, so the ability to post at least new merge requests - and ideally all traffic - to a list for this is essential.

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