On 14/11/2019 18:05, Nicholas Krause wrote:
I think its a good idea. Currently, we test released versions mostly,
however, there is
a class to switch to git versions and primarily be able to use tip of
master for a given
recipe, this would be something I wish we had but so far we have not
fully completed it
I know Ross had started this work and created initial skeleton, So
step one would be to
complete that class so we can easily switch recipes to use dev
versions of packages
this will go beyond GCC but certainly will be a tremendous achievement.

Does Ross have a copy of the skeleton or someone else as I would

like to take a look at it. Don't think I will be much help writing it as

I'm not too familiar with bitbake recipes or classes themselves.
Fixing devupstream.bbclass (already integrated into oe-core) to also extend native recipes is a non-trivial engineering effort sadly.

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