Yocto is a must for your project, regarding the project evolution.

I made a project starting from an intel platform, then I port it on raspberry, now on imx6 dual lite.

My application never change, the system services never change.

I need to change only the parts which driver the hardware.

You can achieve this goal playing with layers

If you made a good planning of the layers, the porting will be "easy2.

Good work

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I am a lead engineer on project where we run a well-known Linux distribution on-top of a SBC (Intel Quad Pentium processor based) driving a 27” display. We have a 32GB SSD to run from, which we partition with multiple EXT4 partitions to help with potential corruption mitigation if the device is switched off ‘hard’.

But, with the well-known Linux distribution comes a lot of things we don’t need, plus the potential ability to ‘break’ in to our application which is running full-screen.

We basically need

QT 5.12 runtime (our application)





Modem (via Telit modem)


USB-Memory stick

Is this something I should be looking to the yocto project for, or should I be looking at a more ‘traditional’ custom linux distro.

The only other aspect, is that we have future plans to cost reduce the application to be running on a Pi based, 10” display system …

Any thoughts and ideas would be appreciated.




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