On 3/8/07 at 8:12 PM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Harvey S. Leff) wrote:

Jim Correia wrote:
Tag names are currently immutable.

I just joined the list and have not seen prior messages on this, so
maybe the following misses the mark.  But . . . I seem to have just
changed tag names. I sorted by tag, selected all tags of the type I
wanted to change, opened the inspector, and changed the tag in the
"info" section. When I closed the inspector, the tags were indeed
changed. Tag names do not seem to be immutable.

I don't think so. What you describe is effectively deleting a tag and replacing it with another.

Try the following. Do as you indicate above but select only one item with a tag you want to change. Notice when you complete your set of actions above, the tag for the one item you had selected is changed but none of the tags for any other item which had the same tag have been changed.

If you were truly changing the name of an existing tag, a change to that tag on one item would affect all other items. But as you can see, this does not occur.

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