I don't know if something similar has been posted before but I thought I'd give 
my own solution to the syncing problem.  I have a pretty small
database (300 items, ~5mb).  I mainly use Yojimbo on my computer at work but 
sometimes when I'm at home I'd like to change my shopping list or add
a bookmark.  I don't want to put my database on a jump drive everyday when I 
might not need it.  I decided to have my computer at work email the
database to my gmail account on command.  At home, I go to gmail and send a 
message to my work address with "get Yojimbo database" as the subject.
At work, Mailsmith has a filter that runs the following applescript when it 
receives a message with the proper sender and subject:

tell application "Yojimbo"
end tell

tell application "Mailsmith"
    set subjectTest to "Yojimbo Database"
    set recipient to {address:"[EMAIL PROTECTED]"}
    set the new_message to make new message window
    tell new_message
        make new to_recipient at end with properties recipient
        set the subject to subjectTest
        make new enclosure at end with properties 
{file:"/Users/username/Library/Application Support/Yojimbo/Database.sqlite"}
    end tell
    send new_message
end tell

and in about ten minutes I have my Yojimbo database sitting in my gmail inbox.  
The script was put together using examples from mailsmith.org.

I'm very new to Applescript so please don't judge based on form.  I just 
thought that it might help somebody out.  I got the idea from
<http://tinyurl.com/262o9d> so I'm sure it would also work for Mail.app.  Of 
course, this is predicated on having a work machine that checks for
new messages through the evening and an email account that is liberal with 
attachment size.  Still, if you meet the requirements this could be a
lot less expensive than syncing over .Mac.


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