I've been using YoJimbo now for a couple of weeks and have integrated it into my daily workflow.

I use it for everything from keeping meeting notes to storing passwords, serial numbers, receipts, account statements. I want to use this as my central information store.

I find myself, however, really wanting a few features in YoJimbo:

1. Tabbed windows. It would be great to have tabbed opening of multiple items in YJ. Certain things you need throughout the day will be kept open all the item. It would be nice, also, to have a default set of items to open up when you launch YJ (namely, those items you access throughout the day).

2. Nested collections - it would be nice to have collections within collections - both of tagged and regular collections.

3. Read only notes - It would be nice to be able to mark a note as read only so you do not accidently edit it.

4. It would be nice to have a feature to export all items in a collection and all items in YJ. YJ really works for me, but if I decide a year down the road that I want to change my workflow, I'd like to be able to easily take my data in a portable format and go. If you export all, it would be nice to have files dumped into folders named by the collection names.

Let me know if you have any questions or require additional information about any of these requests.


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