I use Yojimbo on my ersonal laptop and in my work-a-day life at Oracle Corproation as their Interoperability Evangelist. But I am writing from my personal account lest someone construe these opinions to represent those of Oracle besides my own.

Let me state first and foremost that I seriously like Yojimbo (though not as much as I like BBEdit). I think it provides me with a powerful tool to aggregate and consolidate sources of information on a particular topic cleanly and in an easily-retrievable way. I almost like it as much as the eponymous Toshiro Mifune/Akiro Kurosawa film that undoubtedly inspired its name. Almost.

But unlike Tsubaki Sanjuro's (or what ever his name was in that film) blade, it doesn't cut cleanly. It needs 'its soul polished' (obscure reference to the Samurai Trilogy films telling the tale of the life Musashi Miyamoto, the greatest japanese swordsman whoever lived, starring guess who and directed by guess who).

How so you might ask?

1. Full Synchornization: when I sync Yojimbo between my laptop and desktop, only data is synchronized. My tags and collections are not-- this is extremely vexing. My tags and collections are not _machine_ attributes--they are my personal attributes and represent personal organization of data I want for my life--regardless of which system I am accessing Yojimbo from. This defect alone spurs me to consider migrating off the Yojimbo platform and writing my own tool in Java that would be cross platform.

Aside: as rich as Cocoa/ObjC is, it is a monolithic architecture tied to one minority platform and I shun it for that reason alone. When will Mac developers have the guts to stand up to Apple and demand cross-platform support? Or will they wait for us users to leave their applications first? Apple could make Java work if they wanted to. The Java/Cocoa bridge died by design not technical impossibility.

2. Hierarchical categorization: why is there just one 'flat file' level to the folders and collections? You have a powerful search which pierces to most arcane and labyrinthine of hierarchies and categorizations? So why

3. HTMl Export: I use Yojimbo to make notebooks on subjects I am researching, projects I am outlining, and to collect data for reference. As the Yojimbo data base grows it becomes ungainly and when a topic is complete and mostly read-only, I'd like to be able to export it to HTML to host it on my local web (built in to OS X Users account) for easy reference in a read-only mode.

I hope this critique is taken in the right context. I like this product and I only want it to better serve me and everyone else who uses it.

Daniel Lord

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