Daniel Lord <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> sez:

>1. Full Synchornization: when I sync Yojimbo between my laptop and
>desktop, only data is synchronized. My tags and collections are not--

Yojimbo's syncing does encompass the properties of all items you've stored
including comments, labels, tags and collections.

Only display and preference choices related to the app on the machine where
it's run (e.g. window sizes, column widths, collection icon size, which
smart collections are shown) are not synced.

>       Aside: as rich as Cocoa/ObjC is, it is a monolithic architecture
>tied to one minority platform and I shun it for that reason alone. [...]

There are many places where matters of platform and architecture are
apropos & regularly discussed, but these are not specifically germane to

>2. Hierarchical categorization: why is there just one 'flat file' level to
>the folders and collections? You have a powerful search which pierces to
>most arcane and labyrinthine of hierarchies and categorizations? So why


>3. HTMl Export: I use Yojimbo to make notebooks on subjects I am
>researching, projects I am outlining, and to collect data for reference.
>As the Yojimbo data base grows it becomes ungainly and when a topic is
>complete and mostly read-only, I'd like to be able to export it to HTML to
>host it on my local web (built in to OS X Users account) for easy
>reference in a read-only mode.

If you can provide any specific example(s) along these lines, please do
submit a suggestion to <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> so that we can log it for
future consideration.


 Patrick Woolsey  /  Director of Technical Services
Bare Bones Software, Inc.                        <http://www.barebones.com>
P.O. Box 1048, Bedford, MA 01730-1048

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