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Hi, folks,

I've tried out many of the other note-grabbing programs, like SOHO
Notes and Journler and Eagle Filer. Each of them requires only that
you SELECT the text and invoke its "grab" command. This makes me
wonder why Yojimbo, which I prefer in every other way, requires that
we SELECT then COPY the text before we grab it. Any thoughts?


There is an alternative way to import selected text without using the
clipboard. Yojimbo includes an "Import Text" service (found under the
Services menu in your current application's main menu).

I've also written a standalone service that does more or less the same
thing: http://anoved.net/2007/05/import-yojimbo-note.html The main
difference is that my service imports the text as plain text whereas
Yojimbo's service seems to retain color and style information. Mine
also opens the new note window so that you can edit the note title or

Hope these methods give you some ideas.


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